2015 posterWe're excited to announce the final schedule is now ready for our 5th Annual Radical Democracy Conference at The New School for Social Research (NSSR). Below is the schedule for Friday and Saturday. You can also download a pdf copy here [Schedule PDF].

(* Schedule was updated on 4/7)

Friday, April 10

10am: Registration (Wolff Room)

10:30am: Opening Remarks - Andreas Kalyvas, NSSR (Wolff Room)

11am: Panel I (A & B)

Session A: Councils, Commune(-ism) and Radical Democracy (Wolff Room)

  1. Radical Democracy in the French Revolution” - Nicolai Von Eggers Mariegaard, Aarhus University

  2. Inaugural Investigations: Revolutionary Councils and Radical Democracy” - Benjamin Ask Popp-Madsen, University of Copenhagen

  3. The concept of politics in Badiou and Castoriadis” - Gerasimos Karavitis, NSSR

  • Discussant. Andreas Kalyvas, NSSR

Session B: Embodying Discarnate Narratives (Room: 1108)

  1. The Importance of Violence: The Case of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation” - Ana Sofia Rodriguez & Luciano Concheiro, National University Authonomous of Mexico

  2. 'Politics Without Ends: Hannah Arendt and the Meaning of Prefigurative Politics” - Mathijs van de Sande, KU Leuven

  3. Maniacal Slaves” - Sara Hassani, NSSR

  • Discussant: Kamilla Sakkijha, NSSR

1pm: Lunch

2pm: Panel II (A & B)

Session A: De/Post-Colonial Strategies: Politics and Possibilities of Resistance (Wolff Room)

  1. Are We Free Yet? Capitalism and Colonialism in North Africa” - Sara Shroff, NSSR
  2. Islamophobia and Globalization: Musical Resistance in Post-9/11 Pakistan” - Mohamed Berrada, NSSR
  3. A Politics of the Commons or Commoning the Political? Distinct Possibilities for Post-Capitalism Transformations” - Rebecca Hollender, NSSR

  4. Radical Resistance: The Transformative Possibilities of Performative Democracy in Zimbabwe” - Jacquelin Kataneksza, NSSR
  • Discussant: Sara Hassani, NSSR

Session B: Radical Ecology (Room 1108)

  1. Gaian Politics in the Anthropocene: Earthbound Friends and Human Enemies” - Chris Crews, NSSR

  • Discussant: Alan McGowan, The New School, Eugene Lang College

3:45pm: Coffee

4pm: Keynote: Michael Hardt, Duke University (Wolff Room)

6pm: Reception (Wolff Room)

Saturday, April 11

9:30am: Coffee

10am: Panel III (A & B)

Session A: Autonomy And The Insurrectionary Turn (Wolff Room)

  1. The Politics of the Crowbar: Squatting in London, 1968-1977” - Rowan Milligan, University of Oxford

  2. The Politics of Direct Attack: The Discourse of Insurrectionary Communiqués” - Michael Loadenthal, George Mason University

  3. The Insurrection of Feelings and the Feelings for Insurrection” - Aylon A. Cohen

  • Discussant: Louis Jargow, NSSR

Session B: Conditions of Resistance (Room: 1107)

  1. Managing Migration - Managing Protest” - Tanita Jill Pöggel, NSSR
  2. Resisting the Notices of Resistance: The Precarious Citizenship Against the Militarized Police” - Mayra Cotta, NSSR
  3. State Racism, Police Violence and the Juridico-Political Impediments to Justice” - Helge Petersen, NSSR
  • Discussant: Erdinc Erdem, NSSR

12pm: Roundtable: New Organizational Forms of Democratic Movements (Wolff Room)

Michael Hardt, Andreas Kalyvas, Eli Zaretsky

1pm: Lunch

2pm: Panel IV (A & B)

Session A: Agonism: Using Art to Requisition Control (Wolff Room)

  1. Cubism and Control” - Michael Rory Ruby, University of San Francisco

  2. Radical Democracy and the Agonistic Struggle of the Art Object” - Lana Locke, Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London

  3. Our Fata Morgana: Representation and Democracy in the Class Portrait” - Luisa Ehrich, Harvard University

  4. Keep on fighting. The Politics of Aesthetics in the Pedagogical Field” - Eva Sauterleute, Goethe University, Frankfurt

  • Discussant: Victoria Hattam / Marina Kanetti, NSSR

Session B: Democratic Movements Around the World: Rojava, Gezi, Podemos, and BlackBloc (Room: 1107)

  1. The Revolt of June and Feminist Resistance in Gezi Park” - Meltem Ince Yenilmez, Yasar University

  2. Radical Democracy, New Media and Social Actors in Contemporary Spanish Politics” - Lea Diaz, University of Murcia

  3. Policing Radical Democracy in Germany” - Bob Kurik, Charles University, Prague & Malte Stieber, Goethe University, Frankfurt

  4. Liberating Democracy from the Premises of the Ruling Order: Impressions from the Rojava Revolution” - Dilar Dirik, University of Cambridge

  • Discussant: Jan Smolenski, NSSR

3:45pm: Coffee

4pm: Panel V (A & B)

Session A: Transforming the Depoliticized and Discontent (Wolff Room)

  1. Intimate Strangers: Practices of Syrian Refugees in Beirut” - Anna Reumert, New York University

  2. The Green Movement and its Discontents: A Rancièreian Reading of the Iranian People’s Struggle Towards Democracy” - Arsalan Reihanzadeh, Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran
  3. The Depoliticized Subject Reconsidered? Breaking the Dichotomy between Consensual and Dissensual Politics” - Aylin Zafer, Frankfurt University

  • Discussant: Selim Heper, NSSR

Session B: Democratic Potential of Time and Technology (Room 1107)

  1. Chronopower, Temporal Capitalism and Democratic Time” - Mykolas Gudelis, NSSR

  2. Radical Liquid Democracy: Re-envisioning (radical) Democracy in the Light of Liquid Democracy Online Participation Software” - Rouven Brues, Goldsmiths University of London

  3. Constituent Networks: The Dream of Internet Democracy and the Question of Leadership in the Pirate Parties, the M5S, and Podemos” - Marco Deseriis, Northeastern University

  • Discussant: Trebor Scholz, The New School, Eugene Lang College


*All events will take place in the 6 East 16th St. building at The New School.
Conference rooms: Wolff Conference Room, #1103, #1107, #1108

Download conference poster [RD Poster 2015 PDF]